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Dex - Viewing Transactions

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1 Click Transactions on the Dex navigation menu.

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2 Received shows the date and time when Forte received the transaction.

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3 Status shows the  current status of the transaction. 

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4 Customer shows the company or customer's name, if applicable.
Order Info shows any Order Number or Reference ID if provided. 
Amount shows the transaction amount and type.

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5 Method shows the payment method used plus the last four digits.
Authorization Info shows the authorization result and number if applicable. 
Location shows the name and ID of the merchant location that the transaction was processed under. 

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6 Click Plus Sign to add additional fields that can be viewed on the transaction data grid.

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7 Click Sort by: to filter by date created. Currently there are two options: Newest to Oldest or Oldest to Newest.

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8 Click Export button to export transactions based off your search criteria. 

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9 Click Refresh button to refresh the page.

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10 You can void multiple transactions at one time by clicking on the white box, the Void. To Void a transaction(s) the current status needs to be Ready, Review or Auth Only. 

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11 You can also select the three dots at the end of the row to preform specific actions related to the current status of the transaction. 

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12 Click on the transaction to see additional information.

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13 Here you are able to see the payment information such as the amount, card holder name, last four of the card/account number, etc.  

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14 In the Details section you can see the transaction details. This includes information such as the response code, source, settlement info, etc. 

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15 The History tab shows history of the transaction.

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16 The Receipt tab allows you to see all transaction information. 

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17 Click Print to print off the Receipt/Invoice.

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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