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Dex- Search for Transactions

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1 Click Transactions on the Dex navigation menu.

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2 To search transactions by Name, Trace Number of Location ID, click the Search box. 

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3 Use the Received date to adjust the received date. If a date range is not provided, the End Date defaults to today's date and the Start Date defaults to yesterday.

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4 Use the date picker in both the Start Date and End Date fields to customize the date range of your listed transactions. You can also choose one of the following pre-set dates/date ranges.

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5 Click Amount to search for a specific amount or a range. 
Enter only the number(s) and/or decimal point. Do not enter currency symbols.

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6 You can also search by the status of a transaction by clicking on Status.

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7 Click Last 4 to search for a specific transaction. 

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8 Click Account Number to search for a specific transaction using the full credit card or bank account number. 

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9 For additional filters, select More Filters.

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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