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Dex- How to Add a Transaction

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1 Click Transactions in the Dex navigation menu.

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2 Click the Add Transaction button in the upper right corner. 

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3 The Add Transaction modal displays.

If your merchant account is set up with more than one location, the Location field displays as a dropdown menu of all the merchant's available locations.

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4 Click the drop down in the Action field to select the type of transaction to perform. 

The values listed in the action drop down menu vary depending on whether the transaction will be performed with a credit card or an eCheck.

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5 If you'd like to include an Order Number and/or Reference ID for this transaction, click the More Options drop down. The Order Number and Reference ID fields display.

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6 Select whether the customer is using a Credit Card or eCheck.

Based off the selected payment method, fields will open up to input the data.

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7 Enter the subtotal amount in the Subtotal field. This field is required. Calculate the tax amount and enter it into the Tax field. This field is optional. Dex automatically updates the Total amount.

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8 You can save the customer by selecting Save Customer. Additional field will populate for additional information. 

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9 After completing the required fields, click the Add Transaction button.
A message will appear letting you know if the transaction was approved or declined.
From the message you can print the transaction receipt by clicking the 
Print Receipt button.

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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