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Reminder: Mastercard Revises Standard for Recurring Payment Transactions

The Change: Mastercard will revise its Standards to clarify that Point of Sale [POS] Data, subfield POS Cardholder Presence, complies with the appropriate values for the first transaction of a recurring payment series for e-commerce transactions.

Indicating a Recurring Payment

1. For the first transaction of a recurring payment series, a value of one of the following:

0 (Cardholder present)

1 (Cardholder not present, unspecified)

2 (Mail/facsimile order)

3 (Phone/ARU order)

5 (Electronic order [home PC, Internet, mobile phone, PDA])

2. For any subsequent recurring payment transaction, a value of 4 (Standing order/recurring transactions)

REMINDER: For subsequent recurring payment transactions, the transactions must follow the credential on file requirements (e.g, POS Entry Mode of COF).

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