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Reminder about issuer rights for late presentment

Date effective: Reminder

Visa® allows merchants from two to eight days (up to 30 days in Japan) from the transaction date to settle their transactions. The following are some examples of why the processing date may be different from the transaction date:

  • The merchant waits until Monday to submit transactions that occurred over the weekend.
  • Due to a holiday, the merchant was unable to submit transactions until their return.
  • The merchant was off-site (such as at a farmers market or fair) without an internet or Ethernet connection, and transactions were accepted offline.

Merchants should be aware that if a transaction is not processed within the required time frames according to Section of the Visa Rules, the issuer has a dispute right under Condition 12.1 (Late Presentment). The transaction date of the settlement record is used to determine dispute rights for Condition 12.1, not the authorization date. Refer to Section 11.9.1 of the Visa Rules for additional technical requirements.

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