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REST Tutorial: Get scheduling information for a processed item

This tutorial overviews how to find the Scheduleitem and Schedule based on a processed Transaction if a transaction_id is known.

1. Find Transactions by transaction_id. Ensure the transaction's entered_by value is 'Scheduled'.

  • Note the values for customer_token and authorization_amount.

2. Find ScheduleItems by using the customer_token filter.

  • Find a matching Scheduleitem to the processed transaction_id.
  • For the matching Scheduleitem, note the value for schedule_id.

3.  To retrieve any remaining details, Find Schedules by schedule_id.


Upon Finding a Schedule, a Find Scheduleitems request can then be made by using the schedule_id filter. A list of Scheduleitems for the specific Schedule will be returned. For qualifying schedule_item_statuses, per ScheduleItem, a transaction_id value will be available. The transaction_id can then be used to complete a Find Transaction by ID request for more details on the processed transaction.

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