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Setting Up the MagTek eDynamo


The eDynamo is a secure card and chip reader that works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It supports Bluetooth Low Energy on iOS, Android and Windows systems. USB connections are available for Windows systems.

The following Forte products support eDynamo readers:

  • Forte Checkout*
  • BillPay*
  • AGI**

* Currently, only Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome are supported on Windows systems using a USB connection.
** Browser, device, and operating system support are dependent on your software provider.

Although users can hold the eDynamo when processing card payments, you may want to purchase a third-party mount to attach it to the computing device you will be using it with (computer, tablet, or phone).

Configuration Support

Operating SystemWeb-Based Applications**Native Applications**Forte Checkout/BillPay***
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10Bluetooth*, USBBluetooth*, USBBluetooth*, USB
Mac OS 10.10+
Bluetooth*, USB
Android 6.0+Bluetooth*Bluetooth*Bluetooth*
iOS 11.0+Bluetooth*Bluetooth*Bluetooth*

*Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, support expected Q1 2020 for Forte Checkout/BillPay
**Custom applications must integrate with AGI.
***Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11

The eDynamo requires key injection; therefore, it will not work if bought from a third party. Please order the eDynamo from Forte.

AGI Configuration*

The following fields are required for processing transactions with the eDynamo using the Advanced Gateway Interface (AGI):

  • pg_merchant_id
  • pg_password
  • pg_transaction_type
  • pg_total_amount
  • pg_cc_enc_decryptor=21079802
  • pg_cc_enc_emv_data = the value is found in the ARQC field at tag DFDF59 after dipping the card when using MagTek’s Web API.

Forte Checkout Configuration*

The following fields are required for processing transactions with the eDynamo using Forte Checkout:

  • swipe=edynamo
  • connection_type=USB [in the future BLE will be supported]

BillPay Configuration*

The new BillPay product automatically detects whether an eDynamo is connected to the computer using BillPay. EMV support available Q1 2020.

*All integration methods require printing an EMV-compliant receipt when used with an eDynamo. Please see the EMV-Compliant Receipt format requirements below.

Setting Up the Reader


  1. Download the edynamo install file.
  2. Run the edynamo.exe file with administrator rights.
  3. Attach the eDynamo to the computer via a USB cable.


Download the Wedget application from Google’s Play Store


Download the Wedget application from Apple’s App Store.

Configuring an EMV-Compliant Receipt

Merchants are required to create EMV-compliant receipts for all EMV transaction sales and authorizations. Data required to print the receipt can be found in the transaction response data from the Forte Checkout callback or AGI response. Fields displayed in angle brackets (< >) contain the callback field name from Forte Checkout and field displayed in square brackets ([ ]) contain the response field name from the AGI response message. Note that these are the minimum requirements, but custom formatting is allowed.

Receipts must contain all the below elements:

Receipt FormatCallback Response 
FIeld or Description
SaleTransaction Type
CSG ForteYour Business Name
500 West Bethany, Suite 200
Allen, TX 75013
Your Business Address
866-290-5400Your Business Phone
9/9/2019 8:10amThe Local Date and Time of the Transaction
Merchant ID: 173185Your Forte Merchant ID/Location
Terminal: B43A775<terminal_number>
Card Type: Visa<method_used>
Auth Code: 123456<authorization_code>, [pg_authorization_code]
Acct No: *************8569<last_4>
Amount: $10.81<total_amount>
Transaction ID: 8b0a7b87-09a2-4cb8-a9ea-545881ce80c4<trace_number>, [pg_trace_number]
Approved<response_description>, [pg_response_description]
Application: Capital One<emvReceiptData.application_label>, [pg_emv_receipt_data.application_label]
Entry Mode: Chip<emvReceiptData.entry_mode>, [pg_emv_receipt_data.entry_mode]
CVM: Sign<emvReceiptData.CVM>, [pg_emv_receipt_data.CVM]
AID: A0000000041010<emvReceiptData.AID>, [pg_emv_receipt_data.AID]
TVR: 0000008000
<emvReceiptData.TVR>, [pg_emv_receipt_data.TVR]
IAD: 0110606001220000AAC1000
<emvRceiptData.IAD>, [pg_emv_receipt_data.IAD]
TSI: E800
<emvReceiptData.TSI>, [pg_emv_receipt_data.TSI]
ARC: 01
<emvReceiptData.ARC>, [pg_emv_receipt_data.ARC]
x___________________________________________________                                          Signature
A Signature Line for the Customer

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