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Discover ProtectBuy Disputes

If an Acquirer or Merchant uses Discover ProtectBuy® to submit a Discover ProtectBuy Authentication Request for a Card Not Present Card Sale and receives "Unable to Authenticate" as the Discover ProtectBuy Authentication Response, the Issuer may initiate a Dispute of such Card Not Present Card Sale for fraud or where the Cardholder does not recognize the Card Sale.

Card Not Present Card Sales by Merchants operating in the following MCCs that use Discover ProtectBuy to obtain a Discover ProtectBuy Authentication Response of " Authentication Successful" or "Authentication Attempted" may be subject to Dispute:

  • MCC 6540 -- Non-Financial Institutions (e.g. stored value card purchase/load),
  • MCC 7801 -- Government Licensed On-Line Casinos (e.g. On-Line Gambling), and
  • MCC 7802 -- Government Licensed Horse/Dog Racing

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