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Safari browser on MAC OS: SWP-Checkout reCaptcha and iFrame

Browser: Safari version 12.1.1


Symptoms: clicking a reCaptcha image when SWP-Checkout is embedded within an iframe causes a white panel to be displayed in lieu of the images.

Below is insight shared as an explanation. [Reference FD TT #365089]


The Solution: If others experience this, ask them to update to Safari 12.1.2   It will not work on 12.1.1 but in the latest version 12.1.2 Safari just this week fixed the issue. 

Why It Works: The issue was specifically a problem within Safari 12.1 with using reCaptcha inside a nested IFrame (greater than 512 pixels). 

Why It Broke: I believe it was an issue with how Safari 12.1 does repaint logic in nested IFrames.

It Might Happen Again: 

Safari has off and on continued to have issues with reCaptcha in iFrames. When they run browser updates reCaptcha in iFrames tends to break. If this is the case, here are some things to try:

1. Google the 512px Safari iFrame reCaptcha workaround. In previous instances, the reCaptcha would resume working inside an iframe if the iframe was 512px or less.
2. Try injecting the following into the header inside the IFrame. It seemed to work for people in this latest instance.

 <style type="text/css">.rc-image-tile-wrapper{transition: auto !important}</style>


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