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Perennial Token Transfer Process

Internal Process Overview:

The purpose of this document is to provide a step-by-step process for completing the Perennial merchant migration process under the new Paysimple ISO IDs.

Migration Steps:

  • Review the Integration Team schedule here to determine which day you’re assigned to   complete the following steps
  • Log in to Dex to pull the newly enrolled MIDs 
  • Log in under Merchant Application Section within Dex
  • Select the following ISO ID Under at the Parent Organization Level
    1. 235647 PaySimple/Alarmbiller-Migration            
    2. 235649 Paysimple/Sedona-Migration    
  • Change Status Filter to Enrolled for the Previous Weeks (days’) Enrolled Application for the selected ISO IDS above




  • Export the newly boarded MIDs and plug them into the mass template here to update columns A-K
  • Select each application in the application data grid and select attachments to retrieve the client data transfer form 


  • Click to download the client transfer form and make sure the transfer form is completed in its entirety, accurately and all conditions have been met before proceeding with the transfer (see below) 


Note: The signer on the form must be the authorized signer of the original (from) MID if there is no way to verify signature, request an email from the old signer or primary contact


  • If the signers match, send the Calendly invite using the following email template in Freshdesk

Dear Merchant,

Congratulations on your new merchant account! Click here to select a convenient time we may contact you to complete the token migration from your old merchant account XXXXXX to your new merchant account XXXXXX. As part of the scheduling process you will be required to provide a few account details to ensure a seamless transition. Please be sure to complete your Dex registration process and retrieve your processing credentials before your scheduled time for the token migrations.  Click here for more information regarding your Dex registration.

  • Update the mass template to show the invite has been sent out
  • You will receive the following confirmation email once the merchant has selected a time for the migration. This meeting should also show on your calendar.

Hi Luke Idaszewski,


A new event has been scheduled.

Event Type: Account Token Migration

Invitee:  latoshua greer

Invitee Email:


Event Date/Time: 

12:30pm - Friday, June 7, 2019 (Central Time - US & Canada)


Congratulations on your new merchant account. Please select a time to complete the token migration process.


Forte Integration Team member will call you

Invitee Time Zone: 

Central Time - US & Canada


Have you accepted your Dex invite? 


What is the best number to reach you for this call? 

+1 214-245-8630

Do you want to provide an alternative number? 

+1 214-245-8630

Please select your current software name and version. 

SedonaOffice New version 6.0+

If available, please provide both your new and existing merchant IDs. 



  • Contact the merchant on scheduled date and confirm details provided in the invite including the old and new MIDs
  • Complete the transfer on the scheduled date by using the following steps. 
  • ·         Go to reports Tab in webtools 
  • ·         Select data transfer
  • ·         Select transfer client data. 
  • ·         Fill in all fields below 
    • Action – COUNT (this is the default) 
    • From MID – (From the Client Transfer Form) 
    • To MID – (From the Client Transfer Form) 
    • Include Schedules – Y/N (Yes/No) – From the Client Transfer Form
  • ·         Click run query. This will give you a count of records under the MID. 
  • ·         Then, change the Action to MOVE and hit run query- This will move tokens between the MIDs. 

Note: The job only moves 500 tokens at a time. The count from your previous query should determine how many times you will have to click “Run Query”. You can click until you see 0 tokens moved.

  • The above step completes the transfer. Confirm with the merchant when they would like their old MID to be closed. 
  • If they do, then transfer ticket over to customer service. 
  • Notate webtools under both MID about the transfer. 
  • Update the customer that the transfer is complete.
  • Update the mass migration template to show transfer as completed.

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