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Merchant Dex Access for ISO & ISV Partners

Dex AccessAccess DescriptionExample Merchant View
Full Dex AccessMerchants will be able to use all available merchant facing modules in features in Dex.Merchant Full Dex Experience
Disputes Only AccessMerchants will be limited to the Dex disputes module which allows the user access to view transactions related to the chargebacks listed.Merchant Disputes Only Experience
Reporting and Disputes Only Access 
(future role, not currently available)
Merchants will have view-only access to the transactions and funding data grids with the exporting function enabled, as well as full disputes management permissions in Dex.  Currently Not Available
Role Creation Slated for Q4 2019

As a reminder, effective June 15, 2019 merchants will be required to manage their disputes in Dex. As of now merchants will either have Full or Disputes Only Access. Our updated process to determine the merchant's access will be as follows:

  • Most merchants belonging to existing partners will receive Disputes Only access in addition to the current applicable approval letters. Any modifications to this will be noted in the existing partner vertical.

  • All new Forte partner relationships established June 2019 or later will begin utilizing Dex, and their associated merchants will also be provided full Dex access unless otherwise noted in the partner vertical.

  • New merchant accounts from new partners who do not have a vertical established will also received full Dex access. 

If you have concerns about the level of access your merchants will receive please please refer to our Disputes Management notice found in this bulletin for more details or contact 

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