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Merchant Action Required - Updated Disputes Management Process

In an effort to enhance our disputes management process, we are implementing some changes that we believe that merchants will find helpful to potentially improve their success in managing chargebacks.

What's Changing? 

We will be transitioning our disputes management process to an automated, more efficient system via our powerful Dex platform that will be effective June 15th. All partner's merchants who currently do not have Dex access will receive disputes only access and will be required to manage their disputes using this platform.

Who is Impacted?

Any merchant who receives dispute chargebacks. Most merchants currently receive and respond to disputes via email with our Risk Team. As merchants receive chargebacks they will be prompted via email to request Dex access or Partners can request access on their merchant's behalf. Risk will stop sending emails related to chargebacks on June 15th.

After this date, new merchants will begin receiving Dex invites that will provide Disputes Only access (unless otherwise noted on the existing partner vertical), in addition to any approval letters that were previously sent out. New partner's merchants will receive full Dex access unless otherwise indicated on the vertical. If there are any modifications that should made for your merchant portfolio (i.e providing full or disputes only access), please contact

How does it work?

Dex will allow merchants the ability to subscribe to dispute notifications, respond to disputes online, upload supporting documentation, and have more visibility into the disputes lifecycle, which could help increase their chargeback win rate. Click here for more information on using this platform. Authorized contacts can send an email to to request access. Please provide all applicable Merchant IDs that the merchant has the authorization to access, along with the email address the invite should be sent to. Dex Invites expire after seven (7) days, merchants will need to contact our Support team to re-invite should their invite expire. 

When is this change occurring?

Managing disputes in Dex will be mandatory effective June 15, 2019. After this date merchants will no longer receive emails from the Risk department and will be responsible for the chargeback outcome and any associated financial impact.

Please Note: We have sent several mass emails to your merchants advising of the new process. Merchants will need to send a request to for disputes only Dex access as mentioned in the communications.

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