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Sandbox Testing for REST Updated Application Decline Reasons

In order to test the new application pending and decline reasons please use the below test Tax ID (federal ID) numbers in Sandbox. If you do not have access to Sandbox please contact to add to your existing Dex profile. Please review our dev docs for more information related to the REST Applications Object  which can be found in the applications section of the REST documentation. 

When the following values are provided in the sandbox for the application_organization.tax_id_number, the application should either be in pending status, approved, or declined with the corresponding decline reason below:

ReasonTest Tax ID
Desired Result


Application will be in a pending status
Credit Locked100000001
Application will decline and provide credit_locked as reason
SSN Mismatch100000002
Application will decline and provide ssn_mismatch as reason
Tin Check Failure100000003
Application will decline and provide tincheck_failure as reason

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