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Card Brands - MasterCard: Dispute Resolution Initiative (DRI) - Revised Dispute Processing and Chargeback

Please be advised that Mastercard has announced modifications that have pricing, processing and/or compliance impacts. Please review the following recap of these changes. All changes are effective April 12, 2019 unless otherwise noted. Additional items will be communicated as they are announced.

Dispute Resolution Initiative (DRI) – Revised Dispute Processing and Chargeback 

Mastercard is enhancing the capability to prevent invalid disputes from entering the Mastercard Network, as well as expediting and simplifying the dispute resolution process.

Changes to Dispute reason codes as follows:

  • Removed previously announced rules change with reason code 4842 – Late Presentment
    • Reason Code 4842 will remain valid under current rules until further notice
  • Reason code 4834 (POI Error consolidated family) - Reduce first chargeback time frames from 120 days to 90 days
    • POI Error related ATM chargebacks will remain at 120 days
  • Reason codes involving unjust enrichment will not be allowed via a pre-compliance or compliance case
    • Refunds should not be issued after receiving a chargeback or a second chargeback. If a refund is due to the cardholder, the chargeback should be accepted.
  • Reason code 4840 – Fraudulent Processing of Transactions will be eliminated and invalid

Effective October 18, 2019

  • Reason Code 4863 – Cardholder Does Not Recognize will be eliminated and invalid
  • Single and Dual Message chargeback rules across all regions will be aligned

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