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Card Brands: Contactless EMV Transaction POS Compliance / Magnetic Stripe Retirement

Effective April 13, 2019, all terminals accepting contactless payments in the U.S. must actively support EMV contactless functionality; and the legacy magnetic stripe data contactless technology will be retired.

  • Contactless POS applications must support EMV Contactless transactions as Magnetic Stripe Contactless transactions are being retired.
    • TTQ Byte 1 bit 6 must be equal to 1b (qVSDC supported)
    • TTQ Byte 1 bit 8 should be equal to 0b (MSD not supported)

Action: Ensure all of your merchants (new and existing) are using the updated/recertified application.

Timeline: Contactless Magnetic Stripe Data must be disabled as follows:

  • Effective April 13, 2019 - New contactless acceptance devices and applications deployed on or after April 13, 2019, the terminal must not support the Contactless Magnetic Stripe Data transaction.
  • Effective October 19, 2019 - Existing contactless acceptance devices that support Contactless Magnetic Stripe
    • Data transactions that were deployed prior to April 13, 2019 must disable Contactless Magnetic Stripe
    • Data transactions before October 19, 2019 .
  •  Effective October 19, 2019 - All Contactless Magnetic Stripe Data transaction capability must be disabled.

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