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Card Brands Contactless Terminal Requirements Updates and Reminders

To increase the acceptance of contactless transactions and support more secure transactions, the card brands have published contactless terminal requirements. Contactless terminals must support EMV grade contactless technology as outlined by region and effective date.

Merchants should work with their hardware vendors to ensure that EMV contactless devices are properly configured as outlined by the brands.



Reminder and Changes: 

  • Merchants that use a contactless-enabled terminal that supports contact EMV transactions must also support EMV mode contactless transactions 

  • Mastercard has announced that effective immediately, support for contactless magnetic stripe transactions for contactless terminals in the U.S. is now optional

    •  This announcement allows merchants with contactless enabled terminals in the U.S. the option to choose whether to support magnetic stripe mode

Compliance monitoring: 

  • Worldpay has received reports of issuer declines from Mastercard due to invalid CVC3 data from MSD contactless transactions

  • Mastercard has identified merchants where declines are a result of the terminal only being able to support MSD contactless
    • To address the issue, merchants that have terminals that can only support MSD contactless may either: 

      • Work with their Relationship Manager to certify EMV grade contactless for their terminals as soon as possible or;

      • Disable contactless acceptance on the terminals until EMV contactless certification can occur

Customers that have impacted terminals will be notified through their Relationship Manager.

Merchants that do not take one of the actions as outlined above may be subject to non-compliance assessments.


Reminders and Changes: 

Effective April 2019 (U.S. region) 

  • For merchants that certify contactless EMV ON or AFTER April 13, 2019 the terminal must not support the legacy magnetic-stripe data (MSD) contactless functionality 

  • For merchants that implement contactless EMV BEFORE April 13, 2019 legacy MSD contactless technology must be disabled by October 19, 2019 

  • Visa MSD contactless is being retired

  • Merchants currently processing MSD contactless transactions must be able to process EMV grade contactless transactions

  • Merchants unable to support EMV contactless may be subject to a compliance violation

    • These merchants do not have to disable their contactless capabilities; however, they will need to work toward compliance, providing Worldpay with a timeline to support EMV contactless through their Relationship Manager.


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