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Zapier Automation Templates

Forte has partnered with Zapier to make managing your transaction data easier. The Forte Payments Zapier app can connect to thousands of other web apps you use every day to automate your workflows and efficiently manage your data across multiple applications. To connect these apps, you first must build a Zap, which is made up of a Trigger and one or more Actions, Searches, or Notifications. A Trigger is an event that occurs via the Forte platform (e.g., create a sale transaction) that activates a Zap which then performs an action (e.g., create an invoice), conducts a search (e.g., search for an existing customer record), or generates a notification (e.g., create an email receipt for the customer) in another app. For more information on building a Zap using the Forte Payments app, see our blog post Automate your Transaction Data Workflow with Forte and Zapier or the Zapier Help page. Happy zapping!

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