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Active File Delivery Language Reference

The Active File Delivery (AFD) functionality enables us to create reporting templates and deliver the files securely to our customers based on their transaction activity using specified variables in either a fixed or delimited format. We’ll define these templates and their delivery mechanisms using the engine found in Dex.

When defining a new job, you can choose from a number of pre-defined Master Templates with a fixed, read-only specification, or you can define your own custom template and add as many or as few of the source variables you’d like to the specification.

The attached guide will take you through the basics of building a custom template, including what source variables you can use in your specification and what functions you can use to customize the look and functionality of your report.

NOTE: The Dex screenshots in this guide may be out of date. If the text or instructions need to be updated, please submit a detailed ticket to IT.

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