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Integrating to AGI Using the DSI Delivery Method

NOTE: Although Forte still supports the Direct Socket Interface integration method, we recommend using either the raw HTTP POST or SOAP web service POST methods as detailed in the most current integration guide.


The Direct Socket Interface (DSI) is the native method of the Forte platform and uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Authorization request messages are written to an SSL connection and response messages are subsequently read from an SSL connection. This delivery method transmits messages directly to Forte's transaction processors in the following sequence of steps:

  1. Secure sockets connects.
  2. Transaction message text is written to the socket.
  3. Response message text is read from the socket.
  4. Secure Socket is closed.

When sending messages via DSI, the newline (hard return) character must be used as the end-of-line character. Additionally, test and live messages will be sent to different ports. Merchants can implement the DSI method using their own custom server-side software or CGI scripts using any programming language that supports secure sockets.

Testing Port Numbers

Use the following port numbers for testing:

  • Port 6050 (newline delimited)
  • Port 6051 (ampersand delimited)

Production Port Numbers

Use the following port numbers for live accounts:

  • Port 5050 (newline delimited)
  • Port 5051 (ampersand delimited)

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