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What Are Forte's Responsibilities Under The ISV Wholesale Relationship Model?

Forte Responsibilities:

o Bill or collect payment from ISV for services provided to merchants
o Funding - 2 options:
 • Default and Preferred - Forte funds merchants directly
 • Alternative - Forte funds ISV per Forte MID funding
o On-board merchants per the merchant data spreadsheet received from ISV, provide MID information to ISV for each boarded merchant (until self-create MIDs become available in Console)

o Provide each merchant with a unique MID
o Perform annual on-site audit of ISV
o Perform shadow-underwriting of merchant application packages
o Perform periodic audits of ISVs on-going merchant monitoring processes
o Bill and collect payment from ISV for the upfront registration and annual on-site audit fees
o Provide customer support to ISV

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