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What Are The Responsibilities of the ISV Under the ISV Wholesale Relationship Model?

ISV Responsibilities:

o Supply the following documentation to Forte for underwriting of ISV:

 • Most recent 2 years of financial information

 • Personal Guaranty (unless special exception is made with approval and proper financial documentation)

 • Personal identifying information of signer/guarantor of the reseller for verification purposes

 • Policies and procedures related to underwriting, due diligence and on-going monitoring of merchants

 • List of merchants to be on-boarded (with quarterly updates submitted to Forte)

o Integrate ISV’s solution to Forte

o Maintain the functionality of ISV’s solution and interface with merchant

o Maintain data security, including PCI compliance if applicable, and related regulatory compliance - at its own expense

o Underwrite merchants, perform due diligence and ongoing monitoring of merchant portfolio

o Capture and retain merchant application, supporting documents and fully executed agreements

o Contract with merchants that must include all specific legal language required by Forte

o Comply with Forte’s annual on-site compliance audit related to ISV and merchant due diligence and on-going monitoring

o Timely pay to Forte all fees and other amounts owed for all merchants

o Timely pay to Forte the required up-front and annual on-site fees

o Provide all direct customer service for merchants (unless other arrangements are made with Forte for agreed upon fee)

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