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What are the ISV Responsibilities under the ISV Retail Relationship Model?

ISV Responsibilities:

o Integration of ISV’s solution to Forte

o Functionality of ISV’s solution and interface with merchants

o Data security, including PCI compliance if applicable, and related regulatory compliance – at its own expense.

o Customer Service of merchants related to ISV’s integrated solution

o Assisting Forte in communications during all stages of a processing relationship with a merchant; including underwriting, investigation/resolution of issues with a merchant’s processing account related to chargebacks or any other issues that may    rise relating to the merchant’s payment processing or services provided by Forte.

o Assist Forte with merchant underwriting and due diligence along with investigation of issues and chargebacks, etc.

o Review commission reporting and timely inform Forte of any issues or discrepancies or alternatively, make timely payment of any amounts owed to Forte for merchant processing

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