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Disputes Management Process in Dex

What is Dex?
Dex is a quick, powerful, responsive and secure payment platform with some key features highlighted below.

Key Dex features include:

  • Transaction and funding datagrid
  • Ability to manage users
  • Disputes management
  • Subscribe to disputes notifications
  • Ability to manage customers

What is changing about the disputes management process?
Merchants can begin using our Dex new payment processing platform to manage most credit card disputes. Our Dex platform will provide an overview of dispute transactions. Once you login in to Dex, you can subscribe to dispute notifications, view the status of disputes and upload any documentation needed to manage your disputes. Our Risk department will only reach out to you if the dispute is related to an American Express dispute transactions, as these items are not currently available to manage within Dex.

Why is this process changing?
This enhancement takes away much of the manual work related to the dispute management process, making it much simpler and manageable for both merchants and Forte.

How does this change impact me?
Once you are set up to use Dex, you will need to subscribe to notifications to stay updated on new, incoming disputes. You can review your dispute items and upload any documentation necessary to provide proof of authorization. Our Risk department will contact you regarding disputes that are related to American Express until that functionality is available in Dex.

How do I get set up?
The primary contact on the account can contact us to receive access to Dex and will be provided admin rights. The admin will be able to set up other users and provide the below permissions to them as they see fit.

 Roles and permissions

  • Admin: Has extensive permissions and control over modules in Dex including inviting and managing additional users, API permissions and ability to oversee transactions and customers.
  • Manager: Can perform actions including refunds, but can not invite or manage users.
  • User: Can perform basic functions such as viewing and managing transactions, customers and payment methods.

How do I use Dex once I am set up?
We have created some training videos to help new users navigate through the platform. Please note that we are continually adding new features to Dex, therefore some of the new enhancements may not be included in the videos. So please review the system and reach out to us if you need any additional assistance.

  • For transactions and funding overview, click here.
  • For disputes overview, click here.
  • For subscribing to disputes notifications, click here.
  • Additional documentation on Dex can be accessed by clicking here.  

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