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Government Signer Change Requests

Government Signer Changes are required when elected or appointed officials are no longer in office or someone new has assumed responsibility. Instead of completing a new application, government entities will fill out a Govt Contact Change Request Form and provide the below supporting documentation. 

The signer memo is a required document for processing the request with the meeting minutes and certification being supplemental documentation. 

  • Signer Memos- A signed letter on company letterhead stating the change in roles, date effective, and who should be removed and who should be added to the Forte merchant account. This letter should be signed by someone who has signing authority and whose name can be found on the government website for reference of their position.
  • Meeting Minutes- A document which is generally publicly available stating a change or motion. If there was a direct discussion in a board meeting about the Forte merchant account, please provide that section. This oftentimes can be found on the county's website. 
  • Certification- If the appointed/elected member has been provided a certificate, please provide a copy for our records.

For any questions/concerns, please contact our Support Services department at 1-866-290-5400, Option 1. 

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