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How should I configure my Secure Web Pay permissions for 3DCart?

Merchants using the 3DCart integrated shopping cart with Secure Web Pay should configure SWP with the following permissions:

Virtual Terminal Location
Accept Unsigned Transactions?
Virtual Terminal > Gateway Settings  > Secure Web Pay Main tab > select MERCHANTSettings section
Return Page
Virtual Terminal > Gateway Settings  > Secure Web Pay> Main tab > select MERCHANT > Settings section click +/- to expand or collapse return page collection (any empty return page may be used)
Consumer Order ID
Complete the following fields:
  • Name: Consumer Order ID
  • Requirement: Optional or Required
  • FieldType: Text
  • Description <any>
NOTE: Click the Update button to save your changes before navigating to a different tab category.
Virtual Terminal > Gateway Settings  > Secure Web Pay > Field Settings tab > select MERCHANT> Merchant Defined Fields section > check the Show Legacy Settings option

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