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What's a good sample Quality Assurance Test Plan for AGI/SPOT messaging?

Use the following test plan in Sandbox with AGI/SPOT messaging:

  1. Navigate to Virtual Terminal's login page.
  2. Click Demo.
  3. Replace the MID/USER/PASSWORD values with information referenced on your merchant welcome letter.
  4. Click Login.
  5. Navigate to Gateway Key under the Gateway Settings menu.
  6. Set API Login ID and Secure Transaction Key values.
  7. Click Update.
  8. Note the API Login ID/Secure Transaction Key values and treat these values as you would a username and password.
  9. Use the Sandbox web services to create client and payment tokens.
  10. Use the client and payment tokens you created in Step 9 to send a transaction message to the TEST environment (or Transaction Test web service) as described in the AGI Integration Guide.
  11. From the Virtual Terminal, perform a transaction search and review the Transaction Details to ensure the transaction data was properly received.
  12. From the Virtual Terminal, perform a client search and review the Client Details tabs to ensure client, payment method(s), and recurring schedules were properly created.
  13. Perform additional tests as required by QA Test Plans.
  14. Log out of Virtual Terminal.

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