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How do I build and send a file with my transaction?

Refer to the Batch Transmission File Specification and the sample files for help building and sending transaction files. The following methods can be used to deliver your batch transmission file(s) to Forte:

  • Developing internal systems to communicate and perform file management tasks as detailed in the Batch Transmission File Specification.
  • Manually managing your file transfers using an FTP client that supports one of the following protocols:
    • secureFTP (sFTP)
    • FTP/SSL implicit
    • FTP/SSL explicit
  • For merchants who do not have access to a secure FTP client, Virtual Terminal may be used with the following steps:
    1. Log into Virtual Terminal.
    2. Navigate to the Transaction menu.
    3. Select Upload.
    4. When prompted, enter the User ID and Password as detailed in the "Logging In" section of the Batch Transmission File Specification.

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