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What is a recommended Quality Assurance Test Plan for batch transmission files?

Forte recommends building a file containing a small quantity of debit (i.e., sale) and/or credit (i.e., refund) transactions each valued at ≤ $2.00. Prior to the first formal transmittal, upload the file to the root ("/") of your user account on and request that your Integration Specialist review your file. 

After this initial preparation, complete the following steps:

  1. Formally upload the file for processing as described in the file specification.
  2. Await settlement of transmitted items. To update your internal systems with the item's settlement details, use the following resources:
    • Virtual Terminal online reporting
    • Programmatic Web Services (Client, Merchant, SPOT, Transaction Detail API) or "S"ettlement files made available in the 'dl' folder.
  3. For items settled or funded to your account, build a file containing reversal transactions
  4. Repeat the prior three steps as needed.

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