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How do I program my MagTek Reader (#22533003)?

  1. Right click on the following link to download the device load to your desktop:
  2. From the context menu, choose Save target as and specify to save the file to the desktop using the default file name Micro/zip.
  3. Using an industry-standard zip/unzip tool, preferable WinZip, extract 22533001.mic (not PN22533001.mic).
  4. Click on the following link to download the MicrBase application from MagTek's website:
  5. Choose to Save the file to your desktop, double click 95510075. This icon has a red background with white letters. From the next dialog box choose Unzip and the files will be extracted to the MICRBASE folder on the desktop. Click OK on the confirmation dialog box to continue and then click Close.
  6. Move the 22533001.mic file from the desktop to the MICRBASE folder also on the desktop.
  7. Open the MICRBASE folder and double click on the MICRBASE.exe application. This icon has a gray background with red letters. From the File menu choose Open, double click on the 22533001.mic file, and a Configure dialog box displays.
  8. Click on the Com Setup button.
  9. Click on Auto Detect RS232 Parameters and upon completion, the status indicator will display the following message: "MICR Detected." Click the Test button and the status indicator will display the following message: "Communication test passed."
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click DOWNload Configuration to MICR from the Configure dialog box. Once complete, click OK and close the MICRbase application. 
  12. As a sanity check, Forte recommends logging into the Virtual Terminal and attempting to swipe a credit card or check using the reader.                    

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