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Purge Code

Dept. Process Owner: ImplementationCreated Date: 07/15/2022
CSA: Mandy CarpenterVersion #: 2.0
Approved By: Ana NobleLast Updated: 08/03/2022  

Description: purges existing bills from the BillPay system for a specific merchant.

Purge Code (file naming syntax):

  • 'B'<Format> <Revision><TransmitterID>’-P’<Merchant ID>’.’<Ready Indicator><File Count>

Usage Example:  

  • BSTD113840-P124507.U01 (upload)
  • BSTD113840-P124507.B01 (rename)

Important Note:  If the merchant is set up for schedules and/or AutoPay, the purge command cannot be used.

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