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Forte Validate+ Overview


Forte Validate+ is an optional service that provides additional verification of an EFT account number. Forte performs these “pre-authorization” searches (also called “checks," but should not be confused with a financial “check”) automatically for subscribing merchants (the authorization messages require no additional fields).


Forte Validate+ Account Verification

The Forte Validate+ service consults the status reported by the bank to see if the customer account is valid and in good standing. The response indicates if the account is open and valid, closed, NSF, or one of the other conditions listed in the table below. Charges are only assessed for transactions involving participating banks (Most Tier I and II banks participate, but some local banks and smaller credit unions may not). Transactions that do not receive a definitive response (such as POSor NEG) may then be checked against the national negative check database. Note that the status of the account may change between the bank’s report and settlement.

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