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Create a Token in Checkout

Creating Tokens in Checkout


To create a token in Checkout, merchants must pass the following parameters in their button code:



Forte returns the customer and payment tokens to the merchant in the callback message like the one displayed below:

{"event":"success","method":"schedule","request_id":"5861c6fc-77ec-4ccd-ddf1-4aaf0eb309b2","version_number":"1.0","trace_number": "2648daca-bf23-4a1b-a789-44aa011e0ac6","customer_token":"10047617","payment_token":"14554238","total_amount":"5.00","signature": "31aa8d43c7f65092fcba9a0506b48dfd","utc_time":"635210891035249339","hash_method":"md5"}

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