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Secure Web Pay – Embedded

Our Embedded integration method allows merchants to embed a web page for collecting transaction information into a desktop application. This solution is ideal for software developers.



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The Secure Web Pay Embedded integration method provides two major pieces of functionality:

  • Embedded Charge Template– A secure Payments Gateway hosted web page that can be embedded into a desktop application for performing transactions.
  • Embedded Capture Template– A secure Payments Gateway hosted form that can be called for the entry of payment method information to create payment tokens associated with customer information stored by the Payments Gateway.

Embedded Integration Advantages

This solution is ideal for software developers and merchant service providers that are integrating transaction processing abilities into a suite of merchant business management software. It includes support for the following:

  • Configurable font and color elements of the hosted retail template
  • The use of passed in parameters
  • Approved card swipe readers
  • Printable receipts for 3" receipt printers
  • Payment and client tokens are returned with transaction responses

In addition, retail applications can take advantage of the ability to create payment method tokens for quick communication with the Payments Gateway when creating future and recurring transactions.

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